The Garden is Full of Vegetables

IMG_0568This past weekend we spread 5 rows of plastic mulch and transplanted 200 peppers and 400 tomato plants. 100 each of Super Sweet 100
cherry tomatoes, Big Beef, Rutger, and Roma. The Cherry, Big Beef, and Rutger are mostly for market while the Roma we will use for pasta sauce, ketchup, salsa, pizza sauce, and juice. For peppers, we planted 50 Banana Pepper plants and 150 Bell Pepper plants. We also have 400 feet of Cucumbers, 2000 feet of Green Beans, 350 feet of peas, and 100 Cabbage plants. We also have 100 broccoli plants, Potatoes, Spinach, and Corn, for our own use.

This is the first year we have tried plastic mulch. We are hoping it makes the weed problem easier to handle. We have also read that the plants make anywhere from 3 to 5 times more vegetables when grown on plastic. It is also the first year for this size of garden. We went from 60 foot rows last year to 200 foot rows this year. Only time will tell if we can harvest this big of a garden.

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